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Reduce payroll discrepancies, relinquish manual control | Ascender

Reduce payroll discrepancies, relinquish manual control

When not done efficiently, payroll can be a cumbersome and complex function. But it's also one where there's no room for error. While other HR professionals understand that the demands and challenges associated with payroll can lead to unintentional discrepancies, your staff might not be so accepting. By relinquishing manual control you can avoid the potential for payroll problems to impact your business.

Accessing forms, getting approvals and sign-off, scanning documents, bringing new staff into the system, seeing people leave, and managing staff bank account details are an everyday part of the job. But as we all know, the traditional workplace has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past few years, introducing new challenges to doing your job.

What's changed?

Staff are demanding more flexible work schedules to better manage commitments such as family, further study and training, while increasingly working irregular hours; outside the office, on the road and in the air. And just as people want to work how they want to work, they are also asking to be paid how they want to be paid. Part pay for part days, sick days, pay advances, performance bonuses and commissions, maternity / paternity leave and holidays all demand the personal touch.

Then there’s the growing trend towards companies engaging more temporary employees and consultants, while the average tenure of full-time staff continues to shrink as more people leave jobs in search of new training and career opportunities.

All of this translates into bigger margins for error in managing workers’ pay. And for those HR departments bogged in manual processes and unwieldy paperwork, the risks are even greater. For one thing, payment errors can impact company finances, incurring fees and fines from financial institutions if accounts don’t balance properly. Even worse, they can seriously dent staff morale.

Just as your organisation expects staff to execute their duties responsibly and professionally, staff expect their pay to land when and how it’s supposed to. When it doesn’t, staff can quickly develop resentment towards their employers and neglect their duties. They might also be motivated to take liberties like raiding stationery cupboards, abusing cab charges and fudging expense claims.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

What's the solution?

Ascender have developed a new approach to HR and payroll that gives you the power to manage everything from the one set of dashboards, accessible from anywhere, on any device, and operating securely in the cloud. Smart digital tools let you automate and streamline critical and often complex HR and payroll tasks with maximum agility, efficiency and reliability. Clever business intelligence capabilities help bring together disparate data silos to provide deeper insights into HR operations and how they might be improved.

For more insights into the true cost of payroll, as well as the savings that can be made by outsourcing this function, read our white paper.

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