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The Hour Glass


Learning to stand the test of time and changes with HR technology

When you’ve been in the business of time since 1979, adapting to change is necessary. “We cannot stick to the conventional way of doing things. We need to change, otherwise the change would change you,” Amanda Chuan, Group HR Manager for The Hour Glass, says. A luxury watch retail group with over 40 stores across Asia Pacific, The Hour Glass has established their presence through the appreciation of horology as well as a carefully curated collection of watch brands including Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Girard Perregaux, Hublot, IWC, MB&F, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin and more.

The retail world has evolved from simple buy-and-sell to a thriving environment that has a lot of different elements at play. It’s not just the sales report anymore, especially when you’re expanding your footprint across the globe – the farther you go, the more people you bring in, and the more technology becomes important to support your people and your growth plans. Ascender has been The Hour Glass’s payroll software partner since 2000, and with over 600+ The Hour Glass employees spread out in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia, using HR technology has become a necessity for them to manager their employee’s data across the different locations. With Ascender Pay Asia, their HR leaders are able to manage not just their employees’ basic pay but other commissions and incentives for the sales that they make. There are no standard in terms of these bonuses, so the flexibility of the payroll system is required to ensure that their people receive the rewards of their hard work.

The use of HR technology in the retail space also allows them to be creative and innovative in their job functions. Technology allows The Hour Glass to move from the routine processes by either minimizing them or removing them completely, allowing them to focus on development of their people and prepare them for promotion or as future leaders. These talents are identified through HR data. “The numbers are alive, they can tell a story for what can be done in the future,” Amanda adds. Effective HRIS delivery allows companies like them to gather data more efficiently for future analysis to map their next steps. Information found in their payroll (like the number of sales made, or the commission they have earned in a certain period of time), benefits, time and attendance, allows HR and upper management to prepare for their staff development, and their company for growth.

Ascender looks forward to continuing the partnership with The Hour Glass through innovations that enhance user experience and mobility to help them continue to keep up with the changes in the retail industry. “Accepting change also comes with speed,” Amanda advises. “Time is of the essence. You can know how to adapt to change but if you move slowly, it’s useless. You have to move in tandem with it.” This is a challenge that HR leaders will always face, but by partnering with a stable payroll service provider like Ascender who can arm them with the right technology, HR data, and tools to analyse it, companies like The Hour Glass will continue to stand the test of time and take their customers “…deeper into the world of authentic luxury, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.”